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Why do people hate irregular migrants?

What could be the reasons behind the new wave of hate and xenophobic acts that have been taking place around the world in the latest decades, is there an explanation for why people hate irregular migrants?

Por que el odio a los inmigrantes

What could be the reasons behind the xenophobia and hate demonstrations from the public 

Why do people hate irregular migrants
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Are there psychological reasons behind this hate?

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Fearing outsiders is part of our nature. 

Since our establishment as a civilization we tend to watch carefully at those who are “them” rather than part of us, as a consequence we have the psychological tendency to feel uncomfortable with those who are outsiders to our community.

Another factor is your type of personality 

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People that have authoritarian and rigid personalities tend to have problems accepting individuals outside of the circle, since, if you have an authoritarian personality, you can perceive the intrusion as a violation of your personal way of living.

Perception of violation of the social order.

People can have more negative attitudes based on their postures at the establishment of the social order, those who considered the community and the social structure of where they are living as a primordial part of their life could show a greater level of negative attitudes toward immigration.

Irregular migrants are at risk of hate and xenophobic activities

Irregular migrants are at high risk of being abused and victims of xenophobic activities, what is worse, they tend to never complain, since this could result in their deportation, loss of job ( that most of the time is done without the basic labor regulations), or dead intimidation. 

“Migrants in an irregular situation tend to be disproportionately vulnerable to discrimination, exploitation, and marginalization, often living and working in the shadows, afraid to complain, and denied their human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

Migrants | United Nations


Not most of the population hates migrants

but those who do, have an active participation in the widespread of their opinion, as a consequence, the perception of a “great community of hate”  can appear. Small groups can have a disproportionate impact on public opinion through social media, causing the widespread misinformation 

 “According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2020, 64% of Americans say social media has a mostly negative effect on the way things are going in the U.S. today.”

  64% of U.S. say social media have a mostly negative effect on the country today | Pew Research Center

Is the educational level a factor? 

People with higher educational levels can have better tools to identify the reason behind misinformation about the consequences of irregular migration, also they have access to sources of information that helps them to get consciousness about the migratory situation around the world.

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