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Migrants are human beings too

Show them your compassion and generosity.

Whish of a migrant

Migrants around the world leave their homes and countries for various reasons, such as escaping conflict, violence, persecution, poverty or environmental degradation. They often hope to find safety, protection, freedom or better opportunities in their destination countries. However, their journeys are fraught with many challenges and risks that threaten their lives, dignity and human rights.

To organize social events and activities for migrants to meet and network with each other and with local communities.
Adhuld Salah

To facilitate access to health care, education, employment and other essential services for migrants and their families.
Mariam Dahul

To advocate for migrants’ rights and interests at the local, national and international levels.

Victoria Diaz

Anti corruption normative

Corruption violates the ethical principles and values of the charity association, such as transparency, accountability, honesty and fairness, which are essential for its mission and vision.

We are focus on this

Establishing a clear code of ethics and conduct that defines the values and principles of the association and its members.

Implementing transparent and accountable financial management systems that prevent fraud, embezzlement, or misuse of funds.

Creating a whistleblowing mechanism that allows staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, or other stakeholders to report any suspected or actual cases of corruption or misconduct.

Conducting regular audits and evaluations of the association’s activities, projects, and outcomes to ensure compliance with the standards and regulations of the donors and partners.

Track your donation

Tracking your donation can help you feel more connected to the cause you support and inspire you to donate again in the future.

Your donation can make a difference

Migrants Donation

By improving the lives of many people who need your help, you can make a positive difference in the world and contribute to social good.
Improving the lives of many people who need your help is a noble and rewarding goal that can bring you personal satisfaction and professional growth.
Improving the lives of many people who need your help is not only a moral duty, but also a strategic advantage that can enhance your reputation and influence.

Canoa is a Spanish Benefic association that has as its goal to help migrants from different parts of the world.


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